Ville de Montréal  Canada Council for the Arts Ministère de l’Industrie, du Commerce, de la Science et de la Technologie du Québec       (Étalez votre science) Industry Canada (Science Culture Canada) SITQ The Montreal Planetarium The Montreal Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada  Louie Bernstein Katsuhiro Yamazaki (Four Seasons, Equinox, Polaris) Sophie Desrosiers  (Cygnus) Alfred Pfattischer Smith Bros. Granite Soheil Mosun Ltd. Technograv Elliot Selick Margaux Ouimet
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Invaluable support
My sincere thanks go to Louie Bernstein who helped with coordination at numerous stages of the project in addition to conducting astronomical research. I also thank Katsuhiro Yamazaki for his artistic contribution to the project. Katsu worked on Mundus while studying architecture at McGill University. Many thanks also go to Michel Devoy, Luu-Thuy Nguyen, Francyne Lord and others at the Ville de Montréal for proposing to recreate the Polaris installation as a light projection when Place d’Armes was redesigned in 2011. My deepest thanks go to Elliot Selick who has devoted countless hours to Mundus. Whenever a problem emerged, it was Elliot who invariably solved it. I thank him for technical support, encouragement, and many nights of searching for stars above Montreal’s skyline. Mundus would not have been produced without the help, support and technical expertise of the organizations, artisans and individuals listed below. My thanks go to all of you. Alison Tett - Concept and Coordination
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