My professional life takes place at Champlain College near Montreal where I teach literature and philosophy. When not in Montreal I love to be at my country home near Frelighsburg, Quebec. Prior to creating Mundus, I completed an honours degree in English literature followed by a degree in cultural studies and critical theory with the Graduate Program in Communications at McGill University. My thesis concerned a theory of praxis for the created environment. The inspiration to produce Mundus arose after auditing seminars with Alberto Pérez-Gómez on the history and theory of architecture.  Mundus took several years and numerous talented people to realize. It also took the support of several prominent astronomers to convince two levels of government that it was still possible to see stars from downtown Montreal. Through it all I was sustained by the belief that the Mundus concept was so simple and beautiful, it had to exist. I wanted a way to remind people to look up. I am currently working on a sister project for Mundus that inscribes the locations of Montreal’s original rivers on the surface of the city. As well, I have begun a project in eco-acupuncture. Details about it can be found at “Google Green Balloons” on Facebook. I encourage everyone to leave traces of their life’s poetry in the world. Alison Tett